Welcome to The JusTN Case, a new publication created by Justin Hayes. With a primary focus on issues in Tennessee and Nashville, this site provides insightful commentary and analysis on topics such as stadium subsidies, threats to free speech, and NIMBYism.

Additionally, you might find critiques of anti-democratic and illiberal movements within political parties and their activist communities. Justin believes strongly in liberal values such as open discourse, freedom of speech, pluralism, cosmopolitanism, toleration of dissent, free scientific inquiry, the rule of law, equality under the law, religious freedom, due process, and the free movement of goods and people across borders. Furthermore, he recognizes the limitations of human knowledge and approaches discussions on society's most pressing issues with humility.

Justin is a communications professional with over 10 years of experience in marketing and public relations. After a considerable break, he is thrilled to reignite his passion for writing (about non-work-related topics). His time as an opinion editor and columnist at The Independent Florida Alligator (Go Gators!) fostered his love for the written word.

Justin would like to thank Kevin Shafer for the opportunity to contribute to The Scorecard, which played a pivotal role in rekindling his passion for writing. Justin also wishes to express his appreciation to Eric Celler for his insightful and constructive edits that have greatly enhanced his work. To read Eric's writing, be sure to visit The Oyster Club.

Currently, Justin lives in Nashville with his wife and their two cats.

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Analysis and deep dives on issues in Tennessee and Nashville, from stadium subsidies, threats to free speech, pro-growth housing policies, political illiberalism, and more.


Editor, The JusTN Case | Contributing Editor, The Scorecard | Master Googler, free speech advocate, corporate welfare opponent, YIMBY | Lives in Nashville.